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Free Solar Electric Charging for cars is the solution to car pollution.

Most of the worlds pollution and global warming is caused by cars so let's all help create a World without polluting cars.

Cars are not going away but they are changing. Each day more cars on the road are electric or plug in hybrid cars. Most car manufacturer are designing and producing more electric cars. A few, like Volvo has even announced that all their cars will soon be electric or hybrids.

VW has also stated that they will introduce 30 new electric models in the next few years.

There is no doubt that eventually all cars will be electric or hybrids; however, this change to electric cars comes at a price as Car Manufacturers, Electric Companies and even Oil and Gas Companies are rushing in to profit from this new electric future.

All of them are looking for ways to monetize this new electric car industry:

+ Car Manufacturers are selling new electric cars for thousands more than standard cars.

+ Electric Companies are looking forward to the profits that electric charging stations will provide.

+ Even Oil and Gas Companies are competing by buying some electric car charging companies.

Everyone is looking for new ways to make you pay even more in the electric future or you can get:


Free Solar Charging Forever

If we all work together

Free Solar Chargers is the solution and they will provide Free Energy Forever.

Best of all, as the solar charging technology advances in the future these modular charging stations will advance along with the even better technology and provide your cars with all the free electricity it needs anywhere you travel so you can drive your car with free electricity forever.

Our proprietary Solar Charging technology is ready now and this is where we need you and all your friends help to begin installing our first set of Free Solar Chargers in California.


why California ?

California is a great place to install our first Free Solar Chargers as it has:

+ The most electric and Plug-in Hybrid cars in the world.

+ It provides abundant sunlight virtually every day of the year.

+ Huge expanses of Desert with no charging stations of any kind.

+ A critical shortage of charging stations along Highways, Freeways, Toll Roads and Coast Roads.


Since most electric cars can only travel a short distance before they need to be charged, most electric cars in California are only used close to home or short trips around town, not for all around driving. For trips longer than a few miles, even people with electric cars drive a car with a polluting gasoline engine.

+ One of the most popular destination for millions of people from California is Las Vegas; but it's out of reach for most electric cars and have few if any charging stations across the desert. So our first priority will be to provide frequent Free Solar Charging Stations all the way across the California Desert and Nevada Desert all the way to Las Vegas

+ Another popular trip is to take the Pacific Coast Highway from the Mexican Border all up to Oregon; unfortunately this is not possible with most electric cars due to the lack of charging stations. So our next and larger installation of Free Solar Charging Stations will provide Free Solar Charging Stations along the California Coast from the Mexican Border all the way to Oregon.

Look, we have more electric cars in California than anywhere else, we just can't drive them very much.


Our first installations of Free Solar Charging Stations in California will be where it's most needed, across the desert to Las Vegas where millions of people travel each year.


Next we will install a complete network of Free Solar Charging Stations along the Pacific Coast route from Mexico all the way to Oregon so you can enjoy the beauty of California in your electric car.


If you don't live in California this still benefits you. Once we finish these installations, we are ready to install our Free Solar Chargers across America, Europe and Asia.

People come from all over the world to enjoy what California has to offer and, with your help, soon we can offer them Free Solar Power Technology they can see and use here and take that Solar Technology back to their part of the World so everyone can help create a pollution free world.

We believe the only way everyone will drive an electric car is with the advantage of


Together let's see if we can make Free Solar Chargers a reality for the world !

Oh, and let's not forget, what you get out of this:


Free Solar Power


Drive free forever


Saved the Planet

(ok, so maybe not the whole planet - but at least part of it)


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